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Processing / Prices

Prices subject to change.

Print out a Processing/Cutting Slip, fill it out ahead of time, then bring it to us:

Smoked Products

ProductsPrice per # 
Beef Added$3.19 
Beef Fat$0.99 
Bologna (2-1)$3.29 
Brat Seasoning$4.00/bag
Brats - Venison (1-1)$2.49 
Breakfast Links - Venison (1-1)$2.99 
Grind & Stuff$0.80 
Grind Only$0.50 
Ground Round$0.50 
Hot Sticks/Mett Sticks (2-1)$4.09 
Jerky Chopped & Formed$5.00 
Mettwurst (2-1)$3.29 
Polish (2-1)$3.29 
Pork Added$2.19 
Pork Fat$0.79 
Sausage Seasoning$12.00/8 oz. bag
Smoked Bacon$1.00 
Smoked Beef/Venison$4.00 
Smoked Chicken$1.00(min. $5)
Smoked Ham$1.00 
Smoked Sausage w/cheese (2-1)$3.29plus cheese
Smoked Turkey $1.00(min. $10)
Summer (plain or garlic) (2-1)$3.29 
Summer Short Stick (2-1)$3.39 
Sweeter than Sweet (Ham & Bacon cure) $1.99 
Venison boning out only$1.00 
Venison Bacon (1-1)$3.19includes vacuum
Breakfast Links (need 10# to make)$1.60 
Breakfast Sausage$1.00 
Wieners (2-1)$4.09
Cheese Added$3.29

* Deer processing standard cut fee is $130.

* Caping fee is $40.

* Deposit on deer processing is $25. Deposit on bear processing is $75.

* Batches under 25# are $0.50 extra per #.

* Other seasonings & casings available at market price.

* Your own meat back, never mixed with anyone else's meat.

* All venison must come in clean, boneless, & in clear plastic bags.

* Jerky & Hinds to be smoked must come in as whole muscle.


Per Animal Pricing

ProductsServicePrice per #
 Emergency Butchering$200
 Cooling & Take Out$0.10 lb.
 Cooling & Take Out$0.20 lb.
GoatVac-Seal$5.00 additional
 Cooling & Take Out$0.20 lb.
 Deposit Required$75
 Caping (Deer only)$40
 Deposit Required$25

* Prices above are per each animal *

Beef & Pig Processing Prices

Service Price per #
 Grind & Stuff$1.00 lb.
 Cut-Vac Seal/Paper Wrap-Freeze$0.65 lb.
 Cut-Vac Seal/Paper Wrap-Freeze (Mixed 1/4)$0.66 lb.
 Rolled Roast$0.75 lb.
 Stew Meat$0.75 lb.
 Patty Making$0.75 lb.
 Cubing$0.75 lb.
 Breakfast Steak Making$0.75 lb.
 Roast Seasoning (whole hinds only)$0.75 lb.
 Bone-in Ham - slice for sandwiches$2.00 lb.
SmokingSmoked Beef or Venison$3.00 lb. (includes vac seal)
PigsBacon$1.00 lb.
 Ham$1.00 lb.
 Seasoned Sausage$.75 lb.
 Breakfast Links$1.75 lb.
 Brats$1.50 lb.

Prices subject to change. (Revised April 11th, 2020)

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